White House Goofs On Democrats Over Thanksgiving Break

Democrats in the House haven’t gotten much done lately, even though they control the chamber. Instead of focusing on America’s problems and fixing them, Democrats have been busy trying to kick a duly elected president out of office. 
The White House knows the score and decided to troll the Democrats on their three-week vacation.
“Congress broke for Thanksgiving late last week. Thanks to the far left’s impeachment stunt, the House has been effectively shut down for weeks,” the White House wrote Wednesday on Twitter. “That isn’t stopping President @realDonaldTrump from working hard for the American people!” 

In a link included in the tweet, the White House listed a slew of things the president has gotten done in just the last few days.
“Donald Trump signed the first animal cruelty bill of his presidency on Monday, outlawing narrow types of egregious violence usually committed for the purpose of videotaping them. The Senate unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act this month,” David Martosko reports for the Daily Mail.
“President Trump signed an executive order establishing a task force to address the rash of violence against missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska natives, an issue the administration has been focusing on in recent months.” The President was joined by “a number of Native American tribal leaders,” Grace Segers reports for CBS News.
President Trump participated in the annual White House turkey pardoning ceremony yesterday in the Rose Garden. “Following the tradition of earlier presidents, Trump spared the lives of both of the turkeys presented to him, but he announced an official presidential pardon only for Butter, who was officially designated this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey,” David Jackson reports for USA Today.
“Unfortunately for the American people, those looking to Congress for real solutions to real problems, the Democrat majority is continuing to waste time engaging in an any-means-necessary impeachment that seeks to pacify the Washington echo chamber. This partisan impeachment investigation is coming at a tremendous cost to Pennsylvanians and the American people at large,” Rep. Fred Keller (R-PA) writes in the Washington Examiner.
Trump also signed into law legislation backing protesters in Hong Kong. The law requires the State Department to certify that Hong Kong retains enough autonomy from China to justify favorable U.S. trading terms and threatens sanctions for human rights violations.
Meanwhile, the Democrats are in vacation mode until Dec. 3, when they’ll likely press ahead with a pointless impeachment of the president.
On Thanksgiving, be thankful at least one politician is getting the job done — President Trump!
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