WOMPITY womp womp! Byron York has more bad news for Democrats and the Resistance (but great news for America!)

If you want to know the real reason why Democrats are trying SO hard to impeach a legally elected president look no further than how well the country is doing under Trump.
To put it bluntly, they know they can’t beat him on logistics and reality alone because their policies and ideas just suck that much.
Truth hurts.
In non-impeachment news: Job creation in October exceeds expectations. Estimates for August & September revised significantly upward. Wages still rising; 3% over year. From CNBC: http://ow.ly/9us550wZdJR 
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Bad news for Democrats, GREAT NEWS for America!
But isn’t that how it always works with the Democrats? They’re never happier than when Americans are struggling so they can pretend to come in and save us.
Predicting @CNN inconsolable.
Yet again CNN forecasts miss so badly.
Unreliable source.
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Don’t be surprised when they kick the impeachment inquiry into overdrive.
Americans are succeeding, they’ve gotta stop that!
no wonder the clamoring is so loud from the left. gotta overcome the churning econ good news.
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Good news is always bad for Democrats, especially during an election year.
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