ZING! Mark Meadows Destroys Liberal Hack Eric Swalwell for His Latest Idiotic Attack on Trump

Rep. Mark Meadows (R_NC) is a staunch Trump supporter and founder of the US House Freedom Caucus.

Meadows has been obliterating the left for three years now as they continue their coup attempts to remove the 45th president of the United States.
On Thursday failed presidential candidate Democrat Eric Swalwell went on CNN and argued that it was “an abuse of power” for President Trump to remove an Obama holdover ambassador “for political reasons.”
This comes after Democrat impeachment witness former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was fired for her anti-Trump agenda.

That’s when Rep. Mark Meadows stepped in and gave “president” Swalwell a much needed civics lesson.
Mark Meadows: This statement inadvertently gives you an inside look at how unserious and utterly baseless the Democrats’ impeachment case against @realDonaldTrump is. They think it’s an “abuse of power” to remove someone who explicitly serves at the pleasure of the President.

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