A Brave Soul Compiled the 'Worst of MSNBC in 2019' into One Video

I always find it humorous when liberals talk about the perfidies of Fox News as if they’ve never watched MSNBC.
Sure, Fox’s prime-time lineup clearly skews right-of-center. On most cable networks and satellite providers, MSNBC is just a few clicks of the remote away. If you can watch Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes and his glasses and come away with the impression that you aren’t witnessing something far more overheated, you should probably check your bias.
That being said, I wouldn’t recommend watching too much MSNBC. It’s like listening to loud music: Cranking up a song or two won’t hurt, but eventually you end up with tinnitus and a cautionary tale to tell the kids you can’t really hear.
So, I have to say this for the people who put together this supercut of the “best” of MSNBC’s 2019 coverage for The Washington Free Beacon: I sure hope I’m talking about individuals and not a single individual.
If this was a brave soul who had to comb through reams of this stuff — well, I hope you’re ready for some existential tinnitus when you’re older. This isn’t the kind of thing you should be doing to your health.
Here are three minutes and 23 seconds of what you got from the peacock conglomerate’s leftist cable subsidiary over the past 12 months. I hope you like apocalyptic talk about President Donald Trump.
You almost can’t pick a favorite scene, can you?
If I were to pick one truly outré moment from MSNBC’s very strange 2019, I would have to go with contributor Jill Wine-Banks’ October appearance on “AM Joy” in which she talked about how you could go about impeaching both Vice President Mike Pence and Trump so that the next president would be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Wine-Banks — once a Watergate prosecutor, mind you — said that “you could impeach Pence first. The problem is that Donald Trump then has to name his replacement.
“But I think that maybe a deal could be struck where he was told, if you don’t make a replacement, then Nancy Pelosi does become president.”
The best comment I heard on this one came from Tim Hains at RealClearPolitics: “No word on whether Pelosi would appoint Hillary Clinton as her vice president and then resign.”
Donny Deutsch, who plenty of strange moments on air this year — he accused Trump of laundering money for the Russians for 30 years in one appearance on “Morning Joe” — also had a few fun clips included in the supercut.
“I want to talk to the white people out there,” Deutsch said during a longer rant where he drew an explicit line between the Trump administration and the Holocaust. “It could happen here. Maybe it’s the Jews.” Thanks, Sinclair Lewis.
And then there was Chris Hayes after former Rep. Katie Hill’s resignation. The California Democrat resigned after an affair with a younger campaign employee came to light; she said the real story was revenge porn.
Hayes bought that story. “It really seems like the bad guys won here,” he said. Really, now.
And then there was Nicole Wallace calling U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team star and noted anti-Trumper Megan Rapinoe “chicken soup for your soul.” That would have been a timely reference maybe 25 years ago, but OK. She also said the same thing about Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
Of course, there was plenty of apocalyptic talk about Ukraine and Russia.
Finally, there were the words that almost launched a thousand legal ships, all courtesy of Lawrence O’Donnell: “This single source close to Deutsche Bank has told me that [Trump] has cosigners … and those cosigners are Russian oligarchs.”
Rachel Maddow’s face in that moment said it all. Even she didn’t buy it. As many single-sourced bombshell stories tend to do, this one fell apart quickly and O’Donnell retracted it to avoid legal action. Ah, but we’ll always have Paris. Or Moscow. Whichever.
Rest assured, this is only the beginning. After all, the decade is coming to a close. An election year is dawning. The 2020 MSNBC supercut is going to be even more fantastic — particularly if this ends in a second term for Donald Trump. There will have to be a whole team of people to sift through the footage for that, though.
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