‘Cocaine Santa’ Christmas Sweater Finds A Home On Amazon

After Walmart booted it off its site, the controversial “Cocaine Santa” Christmas sweater that delivers exactly as advertised has found a home on Amazon.
“The ugly sweater, cheekily dubbed ‘Let It Snow,’ is now listed as a #1 Best Seller in the Women’s Novelty Sweatshirts section (despite being labeled as unisex), and it’s earning plenty of glowing five-star reviews,” reports Fox News.
Selling for $31.99 a pop, the product’s description bills the royal blue sweater as the “perfect gift for everybody who loves it a little bit edgy” while recommending that people wear it “around your loved ones and set some statements.”
“Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like Santa Snooters,” said one enthusiastic five-star review.
“We all know how snow works. It’s white, powdery, and the best snow comes straight from South America,” said another reviewer. 
“What else can be said? Its the funniest, most amazing Xmas sweater in the universe. Buy one,” said another.
Other five-star reviews found the sweater to be a perfect piece of troll attire to break through what they found to be a “stolid” affair.
“As formal Xmas bashes are often somewhat stolid affairs, I figured this one would lighten the mood nicely and make for a yuletide conversation piece,” said one reviewer. “Naturally, some enjoyed the injection of mirth while others … not so much. “One gentleman, who is a recovering addict (much respect!) proceeded to give me a 30-minute lecture on the evils of drugs … Upon considerable afterthought, I’ve determined that I should probably amp things up a bit for next year’s affair, so I’m currently on the lookout for a Scarface-themed Christmas sweater. If anyone has a beat on where I can procure such a garment, please let me know.”
As noted by Fox News, the sweater is “technically being sold by a third-party seller,” though it is “being offered by brands other than FUNwear.” 
As The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported this week, Walmart’s Canadian website booted the ugly Christmas sweater from its platform after being deluged with complaints over its content.
“Mega-retailer Walmart has been forced to apologize after consumers complained about a set of ugly Christmas sweaters, sold on its website, with racy and obscene messages, including a shirt that seems to show Santa Claus snorting lines of cocaine,” Zanotti noted. “Walmart stores don’t actually sell any sweaters by the controversial retailer, FUN Wear, but FUN Wear uses Walmart’s ‘retailers’ feature to hawk its ugly Christmas clothing on Walmart’s website as a third-party seller. The vast majority of FUN Wear’s offerings are non-controversial, and most feature licensed comic book characters, like the Joker.”
As the New York Daily News reported, however, Walmart has pulled other FUN Wear sweaters off its site for similar offenses, including a BDSM-themed item and another with Santa’s exposed butt.

“In addition to 70s-era drug addict Santa, the sweaters included one showing Mrs. Claus and a de-pantsed Santa in a BDSM pose, captioned ‘Santa has been naughty,” the outlet reported. “Another had an alien holding an object while Santa lay with his behind exposed on a table.”
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