Democrat Operative Paul Begala: Democrats May Have to Keep Impeaching This President

Clinton adviser and Democrat operative Paul Begala went on CNN this morning to discuss the Democrats’ plans to impeach President Trump over a ham sandwich. 
Begala and the CNN host were STUNNED that more Republicans did not buy into their sham impeachment.
And Begala then said Democrats may have to keep impeaching President Trump over pure nonsense to damage him.
BEGALA: “I had this conversation with Nancy Pelosi right after the Democrats won the majority she said that too. You should impeach the president when the Republicans ask you to and not before. It has to be bipartisan, and yet it is not. I think the thing is, this Ukraine scandal is exactly what the Founders talked about. It is a president influenced by foreigners to corrupt an election allegedly. That’s exactly what is in ‘The Federalist’ papers.”
HARLOW: “Why is it not bipartisan?”
BEGALA: “You’ve got to ask the Republicans that. I am stunned I really am.”
BEGALA: Criminals commit crimes. So I think Democrats may have to continue oversight. They may have to continue impeachment investigations. It strengthens their legal hand as well.
Impeachment is all they’ve got.
They are blind with their Trump hatred.
It doesn’t matter what Trump does they will think up some outlandish scheme to impeach him again.
These people are crazy.
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