DISASTER!… Pollster McLaughlin: Only 36% of Voters Believe the Freshman Dems Deserve Reelection if They Vote for Sham Impeachment!

The 30 Democrats in Pro-Trump Districts are all in BIG TROUBLE come November.
Only 36% of their constituents believe they should keep their job if they vote for impeachment! 
Pollster John McLaughlin joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday to discuss the crashing polls on impeachment.
As John McLaughlin pointed out — despite the Democrat-weighted polls the sham impeachment is hugely unpopular in America today.
John McLaughlin: Those bad media polls are getting bad for them. Everyone of those polls that came out today whether it’s CNN, ABC, Quinnipiac, they ALL under-poll Republicans. Can you believe it they all had less than 30% Republicans? When we were 33% on election day in 2016. So they can’t believe that the polls that they rigged are going against them. Because after two weeks of hearings they bored the country to death. They came up with no evidence, no proof and all they proved is that Donald Trump is an innocent of everything they’re saying and it’s a railroad. It’s all politics. The country is tired of it and they want to move on to other things. We produced, the Trump Campaign, Tony Fabrizio, produced a poll in the 30 districts that Democrats hold, because one switched, we already got one that became a Republican because of this. In that poll 53% opposed impeachment, only 43% support. And they said said only 36% say they deserve reelection.
This is horrible news for the hate-filled Democrats.
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