Elizabeth Warren Caught In Another Bold Face Racial Lie, Counts Non-White Billionaires As White For Graphic

Democrat Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one of the top tier candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.
She is also not stranger to lying, especially when it comes to matters of race and ethnicity, as her nickname Fauxacahontas suggests.
But when she is not busy lying about her fake ethnicity and producing DNA test results that prove she is liar she is lying about the ethnicity of others.
One of the hallmarks of her campaign is convincing people who are not wealthy that rich people are out to get them.
And another is conning people of color into believing that the deck is stacked against them and they need a rich white woman to save them.

The latest piece of “evidence” is her game is a chart that 394 of the 400 wealthiest people is the United States is white.
That would be a startling number if the graphic were accurate but, as with the majority of things Warren says, it is a lie.
A review of the Forbes top 400 list by The Daily Caller showed that the Warren campaign had to have counted, at minimum, 14 non-white billionaires as white.
“Pierre Omidyar, for example, is ranked 36th on the Forbes list. Omidyar, the founder of eBay, is the son of Iranian immigrants. Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan, the owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, is number 61 on the list. Number 85 on Forbes’ list is Patrick Soon-Shiong, who was born in South Africa to Chinese parents.
“Taiwanese immigrant David Sun, the co-founder of Kingston Technology, is number 119 on the Forbes list with a net worth of $5.5 billion. Sun is tied at 119 on the list with his business partner, Chinese immigrant John Tu,” it said.
“Taiwanese-American billionaire Jensen Huang is number 168 on the Forbes list. Rakesh Gangwal, the Indian-American founder of IndiGo airline, is tied at 207 with Min Kao, the Taiwanese-American co-founder of Garmin Corporation,” it said.
Other non-white billionaires that were apparently classified as white by the Warren campaign include Romesh T. Wadhwani, Jerry Yang, Tai Lee, Kavitark Ram Shriram, Aneel Bhusri and Vinod Khosla.
After The Daily Caller requested a comment from the Warren campaign it removed the graphic from its website.
But do not expect to see this story on CNN or in The New York Times. A lie about one’s heritage would have ended the political career of any Republican.
But when a Democrat like Sen. Warren tells bold face, provable lies like this one the mainstream media sweeps it under the rug.
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