Father Arrested For Attacking University Official With Bat After Daughter’s Hoax Rape Story

A young woman concocted a story of being raped at University Of Portland. Text messages and witness statements showed it to be a drunken tryst between consenting acquaintances. University officials found no wrong doing and the alleged rapist was never charged with any crimes. 
Now the girl’s father, a former employee of the university, has been arrested on 2nd Degree Assault charges after he lost his s*** and beat one of the university officials with a baseball bat.
Court documents revealed new information on the alleged assault that occurred between a former University of Portland employee and the university’s current vice president of student development.
The court documents obtained on Monday said the suspect, Patrick Ell, struck Matthew Rygg over the head with a baseball bat late Friday night in NE Portland. A witness called 911 while this was reportedly happening, saying the victim was bleeding heavily after being struck on the head.
When Rygg was sent to a nearby hospital, he received around 18 staples to his scalp for several lacerations.
Ell’s daughter, Clara, used to attend the school. Around 3 years ago, Ell brought an allegation forward concerning the sexual assault allegations. When the university conducted an investigation, they ultimately found the allegations “lacked merit.”
KOIN 6 News spoke with Clara Ell at that time after she went public with her story.
Rygg told officers he believed Ell to be angry “with both himself and the University of Portland about the sexual assault investigation.” Ell had reportedly been emailing Rygg as well as sending him private messages on social media sites about 3 months before the altercation. However, Rygg told police the messages were not threatening.
According to an email sent to UP students and staff obtained by KOIN 6 News, the university issued a no trespass order to Ell on Saturday — barring him from university property and events. The email also listed various university resources for any student or staff member upset by the incident.
The email, sent by UP Spokesperson Michael Lewellen, called the situation “deeply upsetting.” Lewellen declined to comment further, telling KOIN 6 “The University of Portland is declining any comment due to the active nature of this criminal investigation.”
The probable cause affidavit states that Ell worked at UP, and that about three years ago, he told school administrators about his daughter, who was a student at the school, being sexually assaulted by another student. Employees told Ell they had already looked into the allegations and determined they did not warrant further investigation.
Ell and his family had been outspoken critics of the university’s handling of the investigation, and his daughter appealed the university’s ruling, which found the alleged perpetrator “not responsible.” The university upheld the ruling.
According to the affidavit, Ell quit his job with the school as a result of the investigation. Employees of the university told police that Ell was particularly upset with Rygg.
The affidavit said Rygg knew Ell was angry with him and with the university. He told investigators that Ell had been sending him emails and Facebook messages, but they were not threatening.
University Of Portland is the small Catholic university, not to be confused with the large marxist indoctrination center known as Portland State University.
Keep in mind the daughter was underage and drinking, but no punishment for that.
YouTuber Media Shadow put the together the story and explained the details of the alleged rape:

So, because the university chose to not ruin the life of a kid based on a flimsy rape allegation, officials are now being beaten. How will this affect their decisions in the future if similar stories are brought before them?
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