Former Playboy model sues Fox News, claims Tucker Carlson damaged her reputation

A former Playboy model is suing Fox News over accusations made by Tucker Carlson on his show that she says damaged her reputation.
Karen MacDougal's lawsuit says that Carlson falsely accused her of extortion over her claims that she had an extramarital affair with President Donald Trump before he became president.
The complaint cites comments Carlson made on his show on December 10. MacDougal says Carlson gave reportedly falsely that she had "approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn't give them money."
He also said that her behavior sounded "like a classic case of extortion."
She did receive $150,000 from Michael Cohen, who was Trump's personal attorney at the time, but denies the extortion claims from Carlson.
MacDougal is suing Fox News for slander.
"Had Carlson done any investigation or responsible reporting or journalism," the lawsuit read, "he would have easily discovered that what he and FOX NEWS published about MCDOUGAL was and is demonstrably false."
Fox News said they would fight the lawsuit in a statement made to The Hill about the allegations.
"FOX News will vigorously defend Tucker Carlson against these meritless claims," said a spokesperson.

Here's MacDougal on her accusations:

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