FOX News Host Smears Trump’s Record Economy During Unhinged and Ill Informed Interview with White House Economic Adviser Peter Navarro (VIDEO)

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro predicts US economy will continue to roar in 2020.  This was in spite of FED Chairman Powell destroying the US economy in late 2018 and early 2019.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro revealed his big predictions for the stock market, trade and unemployment in 2020 Monday morning on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

Host Sandra Smith challenged and tested Navarro multiple times and interrupted him constantly as well on Monday.

It seems FOX News during the day can’t even pretend that they like President Trump’s massive economic successes.

At one point in the interview, Smith stated that the Stock Market was up 33% since President Trump’s inauguration.  This is blatantly not true.  The DOW on January 20, 2017 closed at 19,897.  On Friday the DOW closed at 28,645.  This is an increase in the DOW of 44%
The DOW since the 2016 election was up 56% as of Friday’s close. 
This is an unbelievable success for President Donald Trump!
Later in the interview Smith used a comment from the anti-Trump Federal Reserve that stated that the tariffs caused by the trade negotiations with China cost Americans jobs.  It’s unknown how many or how the FED came up with this number.  Peter Navarro slammed the FED and it’s senile Chief Jerome Powell in a response saying that he would like to see a study by the FED on how much they cost the US GDP growth with their crazy interest rate hikes last year.  Brilliant.

President Trump’s economy is the best ever. 

This is not just a talking point and can be substantiated.  2019 will be the greatest year in the DOW’s history if it closes tomorrow at the high it closed at on Friday.  It’s really not that hard to see when you have the right numbers and you study the results.

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