Hah! Watch Liberal Hack Jessica Tarlov Defend Crackhead Hunter Biden’s $50,000 Monthly Stipend from Ukraine While Daddy was VP

You just knew this was coming! 
Democrats are now defending crack addict Hunter Biden’s $50,000 monthly stipend from Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings.
Will they defend his $1 billion pay-for-play with China next?

Far left hack Jessica Tarlov defended Joe Biden’s crackhead, prostitute chasing son Hunter Friday on “Outnumbered.”

Jessica Tarlov: I don’t think that the IMF cared that Hunter Biden was gettting $50,000 a month…
David Asman: The New York Times did… The New York Times at the time said he should resign his position on the board. It looks like a conflict of interest.
Would Tarlov defend Donald Trump Jr. if he was getting $50,000 a month from some failed state?
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