Historian Doug Wead – Discusses His New Pro-Trump Book and How President Trump is Bringing Peace and Prosperity to the US

The great historian and author Doug Wead recently released his book on the Trump Presidency, where he was given access to the White House and the Trump family, “In Their Own Words: Creating An Official Record of the Trump Presidency

Wead discussed his book with Jan Jekielek at The Epoch Times in the series, “American Thought Leaders”.  The interview was captivating as Wead covers the Trump family, President Trump’s policies and his interactions with Wead. 
At one point, Wead discusses China.  Wead says, at the 37:00 minute mark –
“He knows that the decisions he has to make, vis-a-vis China are the toughest he has to make.  And, he knows that he’s going to get hurt by those decisions, that the people are not, that the American people are not going to fully appreciate our understand why he has to make them.
And he’s had people come to him and tell him that and say, “You know.  What you’re doing has to be done but you’re not going to see the fruits of it and the benefits of it in your lifetime.  It’s going to come later.  You’ll be credited for it later.”
See entire video –
Wead discussed how the American middle class paid for China’s resurgence out of poverty.  He notes how the US used to be so far ahead of all the countries in Europe and Asia.  Now the US infrastructure is junk and depleted.  It’s falling apart because of mismanagement by politicians in the US.
Wead says President Trump bartered with multi-nationals and said I will give you profits if you give me jobs.
Wead was also on FOX Business with Lou Dobbs recenlty where he discussed his book.
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