House Republicans Release 10 Key Findings From Schiff Show Trials that Destroy Democrats’ Latest Plans to Take Down President Trump

House Republicans Jordan, Meadows, Stefanik, Zeldin and Perry 
Democrats brought 12 witnesses before the House Intelligence Committee in November and NOT ONE was able to find presidential misconduct.
This was despite a committee where Chairman Schiff was judge and jury and refused Republicans their witnesses and cross examination.
It was correctly called a Schiff show trial.
Democrats were unable to find a single witness who corroborated their conspiracy that President Trump was using quid-pro-quo or extortion of bribery or whatever — against Ukraine.
The Democrats launched their impeachment inquiry after President Trump’s call to Ukrainian President Zelensky in July.  The Ukrainian president again today said there was not quid pro quo and he was not even aware the US had delayed aid to Ukraine.  President Trump provided military aid to the country something Obama would never do.
On Monday the House Intelligence Committee Republicans released their 123 page report exonerating President Trump from all criminal or questionable behavior.

The Republicans on the House Oversight Committee released 10 points on their findings from the House Intelligence Committee hearings.       

CONCLUSION: The evidence does NOT prove the Democrats’ allegations that President Trump abused his authority to pressure Ukraine to investigate his potential political rival, Vice President Joe Biden, for President Trump’s benefit in the 2020 presidential election.
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