“It Doesn’t Feel Like We’re Being Impeached” – President Trump Thrives at Michigan Rally, Stares Down Democrats (VIDEO)

President Trump stared down the Democrats Wednesday night at his rally in Battle Creek, Michigan. 
“I feel so lucky that I took you on this fantastic journey. It’s so much fun,” Trump said. “They want to impeach you. They want to do worse than that.”
“It doesn’t feel like we’re being impeached. The country is doing better than ever before,” Trump said to a roaring crowd as the demonic Democrats were voting to impeach him for non-crimes.

Trump supporters lined up in blustery 17 degree weather in Battle Creek, Michigan Wednesday chanting, “4 more years!”
It’s 17 degrees in Battle Creek and 5 degrees with the wind chill, but that didn’t stop Trump supporters from lining up outside hours before the rally is set to begin!
President Trump won Michigan, a historically blue state in 2016 and he will win Michigan again in 2020.

This is what middle America looks like, but disconnected, hate-filled, elitist cosmopolitan Democrats in Washington are voting to impeach President Trump for non-crimes.
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