On Christmas Pete Buttigieg Claims Jesus was Born a Poor Refugee

Mayor Pete sent out a Christmas greeting to his supporters on Wednesday. 
Of course, he made it political saying Jesus was born a refugee. 
Of course, this is just Socialist Pete rewriting the Gospel for it to fit the left’s immediate political need.
As Strieff at RedState reported:
Jesus was not homeless. He was born in a manger because his parents arrived in a Bethlehem in the midst of an influx of people there to register for the census. There were no rooms to be had. It was the manager or nothing. The Holy Family had a home in Nazareth.
Finally, Jesus was not a refugee.

Joseph and Mary and Jesus were citizens of a province of the Roman Empire. When the Massacre of Innocents took place, they fled to Egypt and stayed, we think, in the rather sizable Jewish community there.
And even when Mary and Joseph later fled to Egypt, that was part of the same Roman Empire at the time. 

Rome was in control of current day Israel and Jerusalem before the birth of Jesus. Roman rule in Egypt lasted from 30 BC to 641 AD.
So when Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt it was part of the Roman empire at the time. 
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