Pelosi Sends Letter to Democrat Caucus in Last Gasp Before Hoard of Lemmings Head Off Cliff

Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for prayers as she praises the Democrat Chairs from the House for pushing through the first sham impeachment in US history based on lies, an unknown accuser, far-left elite legal professors, a secret chamber and no crimes.

Last night the Democrat Speaker shared a memo with her Democrat colleagues in the House who today are voting for the impeachment of President Trump for doing his job protecting America.  

In her last minute letter, the corrupt and senile Speaker praised the Chairmen of her House Committees who broke every rule in House history to push through the sham impeachment.  They also acted in an abusive and unconstitutional manner in their attempt to scar the great President’s name for eternity:
Yep, it was really fair when Pelosi’s chairs prevented House Republicans and the President from calling witnesses, cross examining Democrat witnesses, hiding the identity of the accuser (an Obama – Biden spy in President Trump’s White House), holding meetings behind locked doors in the Capital’s basement, etc…
Nope this was anything but fair and certainly Pelosi also lied when she wrote that the Democrats didn’t come to Congress to impeach the President.  What nonsense.  They already attempted to impeach the President for no crimes multiple times.  In fact, many Democrat House members claimed their purpose in DC was to impeach the President:

The corrupt and evil media, Democrat Party and their Deep State shills are overjoyed today knowing that they have finally impeached the greatest President of our lifetime based on no crimes and doing his job.  The same people that started the Civil War so they could keep their slaves are hell bent on another seditious coup of another great Republican President.  Lord bring us justice soon.

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