Reporter Trashes Campaign Sign of Kim Klacik, Republican Running for Late Elijah Cummings Seat

freelance reporter, (correction: formerly with the Washington Times, see note at end), Baltimore resident Maggie Ybarra, tweeted before and after photos of a campaign sign for Republican Kim Klacik, who is running for the seat of the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, that she saw and put in a trash can Thursday morning. 
Klacik came to prominence last summer when she posted videos of the rat and trash infested neighborhoods in Cummings’ Baltimore district that got the attention of President Trump and prompted a volunteer clean-up effort by conservatives.
Ybarra uses her “Molotov Flicker” Twitter account to mainly document her fire and crime scene photography, and her antiquing and dining in Baltimore. She has talent.
Thursday Ybarra documented herself getting triggered by the Klacik sign.
“I noticed a sign as I waited for a bus. I’m not much into local politics or personalities but I sure recognized the name of county lady who parachuted into Baltimore to make videos of its dirty alleys to shame civil rights icon Elijah Cummings, which sparked an epic Trump tirade.”
After her tweets got the attention of Klacik, Ybarra posted a screen image of a private message from a friend saying she did the right thing.
Klacik, commenting on Twitter, confirmed Ybarra has blocked her and called Ybarra a coward, “Well, she’s an actual coward because she has me blocked. If you are going to act all tough don’t do it in hiding” And “Imagine being so stupid you actually provide photo evidence of a crime YOU committed. -I assume she doesn’t support me because she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.”  
Klacik did not know Ybarra is a reporter for the Washington Times, and then wondered what would happen if the Times were informed of their reporter’s misconduct.  
Ybarra has issues. She blasted a critic for being a man because he pointed out it took an activist like Klacik and not a reporter like Ybarra to expose the filthy conditions in Cummings’ Baltimore district, “I live (sic) it when men tell me what to do like it’s good old 1801.”
UPDATE: I incorrectly reported Ybarra was still with the Times. Her staff bio there lists her as former reporter with no articles published since 2015. I regret the error and apologize to the Times. 
UPDATE II: In fact the Times had failed to update Ybarra’s staff page until after this article was published. I did read and report it correctly, but it has since been changed. Kim Klacik with the screen grabs: 

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