RUDY NUKES DEMOCRATS: Ukrainians Find Misuse of $5.3 BILLION in US Aid During Obama Admin

Oh gosh.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
This was supposed to be Pelosi’s week to shine! 
On Thursday Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats will move ahead on impeachment of President Trump for not giving away US taxpayer dollars quick enough to one of the world’s most corrupt nations. Democrats believe this is grounds for impeachment.
Earlier this week Rudy Giuliani met with Ukrainian officials to discuss the misuse of US funds in Ukraine and the creation of a group to fight corruption in the country.

Rudy Giuliani and Andrey Derkach via Facebook
According to a Facebook post by Ukrainian independent lawmaker Andrey Derkach Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani recently flew to Kiev to discuss the creation of a group to fight corruption. 
In October Ukrainian Parliamentarian Andrey (Andriy) Derkach revealed in a press conference that Joe Biden was paid $900,000 for lobbying efforts from Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.
And now this…
On Friday Rudy Giuliani tweeted out a “Shocking Disclosure!”

According to Rudy’s sources — Much of the $5.3 billion in US Aid Ukraine reported as misused was given to the embassy’s favored NGO’s.
At the time Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, witness for the Witchunt, was the Ambassador. That embassy directed the police not to investigate. 

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