Schumer Whines McConnell Ignoring His Demands For Witnesses and Rules For Possible Senate Impeachment Trial (VIDEO)

Chuck Schumer 
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) whined that McConnell is ignoring his demands for rules for a possible Senate impeachment trial on Monday during a presser.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Sunday evening sent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) his opening pitch and listed four White House witnesses he wants called in to testify at the Senate impeachment trial.
Schumer sent a letter to McConnell requesting he call four White House witnesses to testify in the Senate impeachment trial.
The four White House witnesses Schumer wants to call in refused to testify before the House impeachment sham show trials.
Schumer also suggested to McConnell how much time should be allotted for testimonies and arguments from witnesses and counsel.
“[I] propose that the total time allotted to testimony by each witness be limited to not more than four hours for the House Managers and not more that four hours for the President’s counsel,” Schumer wrote.

Now Schumer is whining that McConnell is ignoring his demands.
You’ll get nothing and like, Cryin Chuck.
“Two weeks ago now I told Leader McConnell I was ready to discuss trial rules. Instead of talking to me, he spoke publicly about what a trial may look like and said he was taking his cues from the White House…it was very unfair,” Schumer said.
“So to get things back on track I sent a letter to Leader McConnell last night outlining a very reasonable structure that result in a fair trial,” he added.
“I haven’t seen a single good argument about why these witnesses shouldn’t testify, or these documents be produced—unless the president has something to hide,” Schumer added.

It’s really rich that Schumer is making demands of McConnell after Stalinist House Democrats completely railroaded Minority members and denied President Trump due process.
McConnell should tell Schumer and other Democrats who are making demands to go to hell.
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