SEE IT: Street Artist Sabo Trolls Impeachment Hoaxes: ‘Adam Schiff Is Cancer’

Street artist Sabo has returned to troll the Democrats with an anti-smoking-themed poster illustrating the absurdity at the heart of whatever impeachment hoax the party chooses to make the cause celebre of the moment. Take a look:
Erected at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Kelton near the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, California, Sabo and his merry band of trolls appropriated an American Lung Association billboard displaying the number of smoking-related deaths this year. As the photos will show, the original sign read, “Smoking Deaths This Year: 415, 949 and counting”; once Sabo had his way with it, however, the sign then read, “Impeachment Hoaxes This Year: 415, 949 and counting,” which was then followed by the explosive caption, “Adam Schiff is cancer.” Take a look:
"Adam Schiff is Cancer": Street artist Sabo is out trolling the Dems on impeachment hoaxes in his latest stunt...
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Starting since day 1 of President Trump’s election, the Democrats have been throwing anything they can get their hands on at the wall to see if it sticks in terms of Trump’s impeachment, from the Russian collusion hoax to the Stormy Daniels hoax to the now-Ukraine Whistleblower hoax. No matter how thin their case or flimsy their evidence, the Democrats always ferociously pound the table with each go-around as if Hitler himself has come to occupy the White House.
In an email to The Daily Wire, Sabo said that Democrats have essentially shown an inability to accept the results of a free election and have no resorted to ginning up hoaxes in order to boot a duly elected president from office.
“I’ve always had a fairly bad opinion of the Democrats. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get to this place but … these are people who simply don’t believe in democracy,” Sabo said in the email. “Whenever a Republican wins office, I’ve noticed they spend that entire time protesting, resisting, and now using impeachment as a tool to change the results of an election.” 
Sabo added that this form of protest amounts to a war of attrition in which Democrats win by wearing the opposition down.
“The past three years seems more like twelve and it’s by design,” said Sabo. “Democrats are trying to wear us down. When Obama won reelection, it was hard but, I accepted it.”
“As soon as Obama took office all the anti-war protests President Bush had to deal with disappeared,” said Sabo, “as soon as President Obama left office and a Republican stepped in the protests ramped back up at full speed. It’s simply how they opperate.”
Citing the many instances of Antifa-like thugs attacking people in the streets, Sabo said that people should see the past events of WWII as a warning. 

“We think of the stories Jews went through just before WWII at the hands of the Germans, these stories are etched in stone now,” said Sabo. “As if they were so exceptional that such things could never happen again. Well, today people are getting beaten, shot in the streets, silenced, bankrupted, denied service from payment processors and banks for wrong-think. We better wake up because things are getting scary and it can happen again.”
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