Senator Lindsey Graham Lies and Says Bogus Dossier that Started Russia Collusion Hoax and Cost the Country Millions Was Believable at First – What Nonsense!

Lying Lindsey Graham is working overtime to create a narrative that prevents him from being outed as one of the original conspirators in the Russia collusion hoax.  Anyone who saw the Steele dossier knew it was complete garbage but Lying Lindsey is trying to say that it was believable at first in and effort to protect his hide.

What total BS.  We knew it when we first heard of it.  We laughed it was so crazy.  The Democrats were trying to prevent their candidate from being tied to her criminal actions in selling 20% of the US uranium to Russia in return for $145 million given to her Clinton Foundation.  So the Dems used a socialists and Nazi tactic by blaming her competitor (candidate Trump) for doing what they themselves were doing.
The Dems and the Deep State used a bogus dossier that we now know was total BS created in a bar over drinks per the man who is accused of being its producer.
Dan Bongino covered this in his recent podcast –
Here is the support from the FISA report –
When the FBI managed to track down one of Steele’s main sources, the source was amazed that Steele took the information so seriously. It was “word of mouth and hearsay,” the source said, “conversation … with friends over beers.” The source said he takes what his own sources tell him “with a grain of salt,” and that it was, in the end, “just talk.”
Nevertheless, Steele, along with his Democratic sponsors and the highest levels of U.S. law enforcement, used those conversations with friends over beers to throw American politics into chaos and do irreparable harm to a newly elected president.

  1. FBI investigation
  2. CIA investigation
  3. NSA investigation
  4. House Intelligence Committee investigation
  5. Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation
  6. Senate Intelligence Committee investigation
  7. Senate Judiciary Committee investigation
  8. Department of Homeland Security investigation
  9. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigation
  10. DOJ Inspector General investigation
  11. IC Inspector General investigation

A discussion over beers was used as the support to justify the Deep State’s attempted coup of the President of the United States.  Deep State knew the related dossier was garbage but they needed it to perform their coup.  Anyone who says it was believable is a liar, including Senator Graham.  It was and is garbage.

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