Shoplifters at Target escape by throwing their baby at security guards

Police say that two shoplifters escaped capture by throwing their own baby at security guards in Springfield Township in Pennsylvania.
Springfield Township Police said that man and a woman were observed stealing cans of baby formula when they were accosted by security guards at the Target.
The man was stuffing them into his backpack while holding a car seat. The woman was holding her baby.
When the couple attempted to exit, security guards were stunned to see the man throw the baby in the carseat at them. The baby rolled out of the seat, and apparently suffered no injuries.
Both of them escaped.
Staff then attended to the child and called the police. But before cops could arrive, the woman came back to retrieve her child, and she escaped once again.
Police said that the thieves tried to steal $100 worth of baby formula, and that it was likely not stolen to feed the baby but instead to be sold on the black market.
"They go into these stores, steal the baby formula and then they sell at a reduced price to the mom and pop stores who sell it at an inflated price," said Chief Joe Daly of the Springfield Township Police.
Police are asking for help from the public to identify the baby-tossing couple.

Here's a news video about the startling altercation: 

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