Tom Fitton: “If Anybody Goes on Trial in the Senate it Should be Adam Schiff and His Cohorts” (Video)

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton joined Gregg Jarrett on Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the latest on the Democrats’ slapdash impeachment. 
During the discussion Tom Fitton said President Trump will be held against this president as long as the House is controlled by the coup cabal.
Tom Fitton: The question is, is there going to be any penalty for this wild abuse of power? This coup, which is now being directed at the senate? And if I were the senate, rather than put the president through an abusive trial, I would have some kind of preliminary hearing Gregg, where the prosecutorial misconduct, the abuse of power is at issue before the select committee of the senate and investigates what Schiff did and investigates the other abuses of the coup cabal so that there is a report for the senate and they can decide whether to let this trial even get out of the gate. I don’t think there should be a full blown trial. If anybody goes on trial in the senate it should be Adam Schiff and his cohorts.
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