Vandals Destroy Christmas Decorations Across New Jersey Neighborhood

Westfield Police are ramping up patrols after two vandals destroyed Christmas decorations across a New Jersey neighborhood.

The grinches were caught on surveillance camera, but have not yet been identified. 
“On home surveillance video two shadows are seen just across the street. The suspects struggle to pry the 8-foot reindeer out of the frozen ground. As it is lifted, you can see the lights flicker. Then it is tossed into the street and the lights go out with a whimper,” CBS News reports.
“That was really upsetting actually because it was bringing joy to our neighborhood,” resident Erin Eckard told the station.
Eckard found the reindeer in a yard down the street and were able to put it back together, but the lights no longer work properly.
“It just kind of ruins your faith in people sometimes when they decide to try to ruin your happiness and joy,” Eckard said.
“Even if you don’t think Santa is watching, somebody’s doorbell might be. So, behave yourself, people,” they added.
Other houses that were hit by the vandals also had their decorations smashed and thrown in other yards.

“This is a nice neighborhood. I moved to Westfield because nothing like the happens. I tell my kids, we don’t do that. No matter if you’re pressured with other friends, we just don’t do that. You just gotta respect everyone else’s property and their beliefs,” resident Letty Burgoon said.
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