Antifa Communists Attack Bernie Supporting Democrat Congressional Candidate Endorsed By DSA

Image By Incendiary News
The communist factions of the far left are now turning against the Bernie factions of the far left, as antifa associated terrorists in Austin, TX, have targeted and attacked Heidi Sloan, a Bernie style democrat running for congress. They paint bombed her and threw eggs at her. You can see the paint splotches on her and her car in the picture. 
Heidi Sloan, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) US House candidate for the 25th congressional district, was ambushed by a small group of revolutionaries as she left a DSA meetup on East 7th Street on Sunday. They tossed flyers announcing this year’s election boycott around her before eggs filled with red paint were smashed on her head. Eyewitnesses report she burst into tears immediately.
In a statement posted to social media, Heidi claimed the action’s main goal was to ‘suppress democracy.’ Heidi’s paranoid statement reveals the real reason revolutionaries sought to embarrass her – she is a shill for the US imperialist project, who actively attacks revolutionaries and the people. Earlier in the week, at their antiwar rally, she was part of DSA leadership who agitated against antifascists while allowing infamous local fascists to remain.
Sloan’s day had also been disrupted a few hours earlier at an event held at Givens Park, to gather support for her election bid in what DSA promoted as a ‘Big Ass Canvass,’ conducting voter outreach in the quickly gentrifying area. Sloan has been campaigning for the congressional seat for months, as well as for DSA-endorsed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
In the streets around Givens park, election boycott graffiti and flyers were prevalent on walls and electrical boxes, with slogans such as “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution,” and “Elections, No! Revolution, Yes!” On social media, DSA supporters attempted to use identity politics to criticize these slogans, offended at the idea that revolutionaries would promote an election boycott in a historically Black working class neighborhood.
Image by Incendiary News
To the DSA, not voting is the equivalent of giving up hope, because they do not believe in the possibility, let alone the inevitability of revolution and the overthrow of the imperialist system they serve. Revolutionaries on the other hand have total faith in the masses, who will organize to overthrew imperialism, principally of the US, and build a new society on its ashes. Voting for the imperialist presidency, or any other office, is antithetical to this inevitable revolution, and only steers people back into the jaws of the ruling class.
Prior to the start of the DSA event, revolutionaries approached the mostly Black, Chicano, and immigrant working people from the community enjoying their Sunday morning in the park, and shared flyers with information about the DSA and the election boycott. One parkgoer said he fully supported their boycott efforts, sharing that he had spent time in prison in Mexico for supporting socialist politics. He understood that voting in an imperialist system was a waste of time.
The action against Sloan was both an initiation of the 2020 election boycott campaign as well as a justified response to the Austin DSA’s acceptance and protection of local fascists. In a bold way, it proclaimed that those who collaborate with fascism and imperialism are not safe to operate in the working class neighborhoods that are home to revolutionary work among the people.
Revolutionaries in Austin initiated a boycott campaign against the 2020 US elections in a dramatic way, egging a local politician, Heidi Sloan, part of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), who is running for a congressional House district. The Austin DSA is known for formerly having police union organizers in leadership, co-opting the people’s struggles, and has also protected fascists at their own anti-war rally.
While being the subject of much debate, the initiation of the campaign certainly forces the media owned by the ruling class to take notice of the election boycott for the first time. Maoists and organizations which support them have been organizing election boycotts since 2016 against the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns, boycotts which by and large were ignored for the first few years. The fact that the ruling-class media can no longer ignore them can only be considered a success.
Sloan, like many politicians, serves the interests of the ruling class, and when election season rolls around they go out among the people and beg for votes and donations, they attempt to browbeat and humiliate the masses into going backward into voting, legitimizing a system which does not serve them. Her view can only derive from not talking to the majority of those living in the US who do not vote, failing to ask them why they do not vote, and why they do not believe in voting.
The “Democratic Socialists,” having always been anti-communist, enter the scene on the same basis, claiming that they are not the typical establishment candidates. All the while they serve as a face-lift for the establishment, namely the Democratic Party, and their promises are just as hollow. “Democratic Socialism” is just a rewording of Social-Democracy, a class collaborationist idea that “socialism” can be voted in and coexist with capitalism without any major disruption of the imperialist system which props up the US.
“Democratic Socialists,” as worthy as they are of being despised like their revisionist counterparts (capitalists who claim to be communists), have no real electoral success, and when their campaigns meet the inevitable limits, they always endorse some Democrat whom they admit is too conservative. In essence, every one of their campaigns is a campaign for the dominant Democratic Party.
Sloan wasted no time, making unsubstantiated claims that Incendiary, as well as the movement which we report on, are all part of the now disbanded “Red Guards Austin.” This is an effort to use red-baiting, that is, to label an organization or individual as a part of an illegal communist organization in a pejorative way to discredit them. The ruling class media outlet, KXAN, at least this time did due diligence and did not make the same claim.
A small group of masked protesters often show up at city hall, campaign events, and large gatherings to protest against participating in elections. A local candidate for Congress, Heidi Sloan, accused members of the group of assaulting her Sunday after a campaign event.
Sloan is a Democratic-Socialist candidate in the primary for the Texas 25th Congressional District. She’s running against Democrat Julie Oliver in the Democratic primary. The winner will face incumbent Republican Roger Williams in the November election.
Sloan claims members of the masked groups, Incendiary News Service, the Red Guards, and Defend Our Hoodz followed, harassed, shoved, and hit her with an egg carton filled with eggs and red paint after a post-canvas event at the East Austin bar, Kinda Tropical.
“The line had been crossed between political differences and physical assault,” said Sloan.
The website Incendiary News Service posted a video of a masked person hitting Sloan in the face with an egg carton. The group, Defend Our Hoodz stated they supported the action online.
On Twitter, the group states the Democratic Socialists of America “sent a horde of gringos and Bernie bros to push voting in a gentrifying neighborhood. Working class people of all races don’t vote in the majority, because they understand the imperialist elections don’t serve them. We stand with the revolutionaries who confronted” the Democratic Socialists.
KXAN reached out to the group by email. They deny group members “assaulted” Sloan but when asked if group members hit her with the carton of eggs, they didn’t directly answer.
“The allegations that our organization ‘assaulted’ local congressional candidate Heidi Sloan are totally false and we condemn wild accusations by her as she tries to promote her political campaign. We had no part in the alleged assault, and also know that people feel anger towards those who push voting for politicians who will not solve gentrification or stop US Imperialism,” the generic email for Defend Our Hoodz wrote to KXAN via email. A spokesperson did not want to go on camera with KXAN.
In a statement to KXAN’s Phil Prazan, Incendiary News Service said members of their group were not involved.
“Unlike your attempt to verify her claims, Heidi Sloan has acted without investigation and wants to accuse any group of her alleged assault with no concern for the truth or legal process. Our organization covered the events yesterday, truthfully, from the perspective of the working class,” wrote whoever is behind the generic email for Incendiary News Service.
Sloan, however, did not call the police or make a report. She believes doing so would escalate the situation. She opposes many aspects of the countries penal, the correctional system, and feels victims of crimes – like her – don’t get enough say in how punishment is dealt. She is working with her lawyers on how to move forward.
KXAN also did a video report:
You couldn’t script a more ironic and comical scenario than all of these unhinged leftist organizations sparring with one another.
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