Associated Press Stealth Edits Headline After Backlash for Blaming Trump Over Iran Shooting Down Civilian Plane

The Associated Press has stealth edited a headline and article that blamed President Donald Trump for Iran shooting down a civilian airplane.

The article published by AP on Thursday evening was originally titled “An Iranian general dies in a U.S. attack, and Canada suffers.” The piece blatantly blamed President Donald Trump for the deaths of 176 people who died in the passenger jet that was apparently shot down by two surface-to-air missiles fired by Iran.
The snarky article by authors Rob Gillies and Tim Sullivan lamented that Trump had tweeted, prior to the jet going down, that following Iran’s missile attack things were “all in well” because there were no American casualties at the bases.
“But 27 seconds before Trump’s tweet, commercial flight trackers lost contact with a Ukrainian International Airlines jet that had just taken off from Tehran’s main airport. On board[sic] were 176 people, including at least 138 passengers on their way to Canada and at least 63 Canadian citizens. The plane appeared to get hit in the air, then slammed into the ground,” the AP article lamanted, clearly implying that President Trump should be immediately all-knowing and more sensitive to things he wasn’t yet aware of.
Newsbusters reports that the piece was stealth edited to be titled “As Iran and US take step back from the brink, Canada grieves.” However, “the stealth edits also included additions to the body of the piece that further boosted Iran and lied about President Trump.” The media watchdogs noted that “what came next was an attempt at revisionist history that completely disregarded the loss of an American life and Iran’s war-like actions leading up to the tragedy.”
“What began with a drone attack on Gen. Qassem Soleimani’s motorcade at the Baghdad airport had rippled outward until dozens of Iranian-Canadians, and dozens of Iranian students studying in Canada, were dead,” Gillies and Sullivan claimed, ignoring that the conflict actually began when Iranian-directed proxies killed an American contractor.
“The Associated Press’s stealth edits went even further in glorifying the Iranian regime; this time in the form of promoting the unfounded conspiracy theory that the missile attack on U.S. bases in Iraq purposely designed to not kill anyone. They also lied and claimed: ‘By Thursday night, Trump had yet to mention Canada’s tragedy.’ Even with the stealth edited headline, they still managed to make the report worse,” Newsbusters wrote.
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