Darrell Issa: The Senate Impeachment Trial Should Be Two Months, NOT Two Weeks — Crooked CIA, FBI Officials Must be Called in to Testify! (VIDEO)

Former Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) joined Steve Bannon in the War Room on Monday morning. 
Former Trump campaign CEO and White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon is joined by Jason Miller (2016 Trump Senior Communications Advisor) and Raheem Kassam (former chief advisor to Nigel Farage) each day to discuss the Democrat Party’s impeachment process.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to finally release her sham Articles of Impeachment this week after holding on to them since mid December.
The former California representative told the War Room he expects FBI and DOJ officials will be called in to testify in front of the Senate Impeachment trial.
Darrell Issa: I know the senate would like to take two weeks to do nothing. But in the real world, two months of actually holding the Democrats accountable for their false claims against this president for what the president and his family have had to go through on false accusations. To be honest every member of his team have been affected by their attempt, not just collusion but every possible activity. And by the way there needs to be an investigation of the wrongdoing by the FBI and that could be done when you start calling people in who lied, who changed documents, who did things to cause the president to be accused of essentially treason.
Jason Miller: Who else needs to be called in as a witness? We’ve seen the president put out the whistleblower, the whistleblower 2 who disappeared, Where’s Hunter, the IG…
Darrell Issa: There’s one person I’d like to see in a positive way and that’s Michael Horowitz. Because, quite frankly the IG is one of the few honest brokers in this thing… Unfortunately the closed doors, the CIA, all these agencies, they always get a pass from scrutiny. In this case when they in cahoots with the FBI and the Department of Justice are what caused these false allegations they have to be. They have to come before Congress!
Darrell Issa is running again for Congress in California.
Thank God.
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