Democrat Impeachment Manager Lost Gun As Police Chief – Is Russian Conspiracist

Orlando Congresswoman Val Demings has become on of the central figures in Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment proceedings against President Donald J. Trump. If you have followed her tweets or watched her performances on the House Judiciary or Select Committee on Intelligence, you understand that she is your run-of-the-mill deranged Democrat obsessed with removing Trump from office, despite the fact that he has committed no crimes or impeachable offenses. 
Val Demings has been trying to impeach the President since the day she took office.
  • Demings has previously called for impeachment over the Mueller reportand building the wall.
  • Demings claimedthat the Mueller report – which found no wrongdoing by the President – possessed more than “enough to begin impeachment proceedings.”
  • Demings has repeatedly calledthe President a liar and criminal, claiming his actions would have “landed anyone else in jail.”
  • She has furtheredthe Russia collusion conspiracy theory, calling contending “Russia considers him a dream come true.”
For those that don’t know the Demings history… here are some of her “greatest hits”. 
As the appointed Chief of Police for the City of Orlando, a job her well-connected husband secured for her, Demings left her department issued firearm in an unlocked police SUV where it was stolen and never to be found again. She is virulently anti-2nd amendment and a big believer in gun control, yet she couldn’t even control and secure her own pistol. Worse yet, according to the Orlando Sentinel, a duffel bag with ammunition, handcuffs and a baton were also swiped from Demings unlocked SUV. As a result, she was censured by the Orlando Police Department’s internal affairs division. 
In the spring of 2017, when Demings was just settling in as a new member of congress, someone responded to a photo of her with anti-gun groups on Facebook with a question about her stolen gun. Here’s how Deming’s responded.

“My First Amendment right is different from yours.” 
Now, as a member of congress, Demings refused to condemn or denounce the violent riots led by Antifa and other alt-left domestic terrorist groups in 2017.
“I thought it was a beautiful sight — as we encourage people to get involved, what direction and instructions and how can we have a more organized effort so that they can be a major tool in moving our agenda forward? Anyone who feels that they can answer this question? Thank you.”  
In the wake of the Parkland shooting, President Trump took decisive action on many levels, including allocating funding from the anti-terrorism budget to allow for armed teachers to protect our students from mass shooters.  
Following the firebombing of a government facility in Tacoma, Washington by a high-ranking member of Antifa, Demings ignored multiple requests for comment asking her to denounce the attack and label Antifa a domestic terrorist group. 
From my reporting in the Central Florida Post. CNN’s Manu Raju confirmed her outburst in a tweet shortly after it happened.
According to our sources, Demings “shrieked”, visibly upset that the criminal coup led by her and Adam Schiff was being derailed. How embarrassing!
This is one of the Impeachment Chieftains ladies and gentleman! If you needed any more of a reason to stand up to the deranged Democrats, this should make you extremely upset and motivated to take meaningful action.
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