Former TPUSA Chapter President Jaden McNeil Launches New ‘America First’ Student Organization

Former Turning Point USA Chapter President Jaden McNeil has launched “America First Students,” a new college conservative organization with a focus on strict immigration laws, policies that benefit American workers, traditional families and Christian values.

In a statement about the new organization’s mission, McNeil wrote that in a “political climate filled with campus organizations that put America last, I want to bring a new vision to our campus — one that puts the American people first, and emphasizes the importance of God and family above all else.”  
“Increasingly, the interests of Americans are overlooked by our globalist ruling class, which is more concerned with looting the country than governing justly,” McNeil’s announcement continued. “To make things worse, Conservatism Inc. has brainwashed many students into believing that globalist policies — particularly free trade and mass immigration — constitute conservatism, when they clearly do not.” 
McNeil founded one of the largest TPUSA chapters in the Midwest, at Kansas State University, but publicly resigned after asserting that the organization no longer reflected his values.
His resignation came at the time when “Groypers,” or young America First conservatives, began to question TPUSA leaders during the Q&A portion of their events about subjects such as free speech, foreign policy, and Christianity in the fall. He claimed that “contrary to TPUSA’s public support of free speech and open debate, they have fostered a culture of censorship, wherein certain subjects are deemed off-limits, and those who dare to broach them are quickly blacklisted.” 

America First Students has already gained support from prominent conservatives, including Michelle Malkin. 

Malkin, who was subject to harsh backlash from mainstream conservative groups for refusing to denounce the America First movement, told the Gateway Pundit that she is “excited” about the organization because the GOP donor class is pouring millions of dollars into front groups “like YAF [Young America’s Foundation] and TPUSA” that “demonize” America First voices instead of defending them.
“I’m excited about Jaden McNeil’s launch of America First Students because young people who understand the existential threat of mass migration to our country and their futures desperately need a voice. The GOP donor class has poured tens of millions of dollars into campus front groups like YAF and TPUSA that promote ruinous policies and demonize true America First-ers instead of defending them,” Malkin told TGP. “Last fall’s ‘Groyper Wars’ exposed the intellectual dishonesty and brittle weakness of Conservatism Inc’s ‘brand ambassadors’ on the bread-and-circuses circuit. AFS poses a similarly disruptive threat because dissident students who have left TPUSA and YAF in disgust now have a choice. Dan Crenshaw’s empty threats and Ben Shapiro’s smug smears have not extinguished the young nationalist flame. They’ve ignited it.”

When Malkin defended the students’ right to ask questions, she was removed as a speaker from YAF’s lineup.
Crenshaw infamously told a young student that asked him a question about Israel at an event that he would “regret” doing so. Shapiro gave a 45 minute long speech smearing the students asking questions, and YouTuber Nick Fuentes, who became the de facto leader of the Groyper movement as “alt-right.”

TGP also spoke to McNeil, who explained why he believes that this new organization is necessary and why he felt compelled to create it.
“The organization is necessary. It’s not that I wanted to start a campus organization, but that I had to,” McNeil said. “I was part of other conservative student organizations and every one of them made it more and more obvious that they weren’t working to conserve anything. They didn’t care about the students or the country. All they cared about was the money and they would do and say anything to please their donors.”
McNeil said that this semester will primarily be focused on building up the KSU chapter before expanding outwards.
“I encourage everyone to start their own club, separate from the Conservative Inc. organizations, if you truly care about conservatism and not just boosting your resume,” McNeil added. 
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