Gross. CNN’s Acosta Stalks Ivanka Trump at Davos, Harasses Her About Impeachment – Ignores Historic Economy (VIDEO)

Jim Acosta continues to show the worst of our corrupt and abusive mainstream media. 

On Tuesday President Trump delivered another historic speech at the Annual Davos Conference in Switzerland cheering America’s record economy and the US trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada that were passed and signed last week.

But rather than cover this historic good news for the American public, CNN hack Jim Acosta ignored the outstanding economy and instead stalked First Daughter Ivanka Trump in the hallways.
Jim Acosta harassed Ivanka Trump about the sham impeachment.
Ivanka ignored the liberal hack as she moved on to her next meeting. 

Donald Trump, Jr. weighed in.
“Why should she give a comment to one of the most dishonest reporters in all of Washington???” 
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