Here We Go: Joe Biden Brags Trump Impeachment Gives Him “Advantage” in 2020 That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Have in 2016 (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Thursday kicked off his first campaign stop of 2020 in Iowa. 
Biden revealed that the Democrat plan to impeach President Trump during an election year was to specifically hinder his reelection efforts.
An Iowa voter asked Joe Biden if he was running a better campaign than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.
The liberal Iowa man was concerned that Trump would win again and wanted reassurance from Biden that he was running an aggressive campaign.
Biden’s response to the Iowa voter confirmed what we already knew — the Democrat plan was to give the 2020 Dem nominee an advantage by attempting to slow down their opponent, Donald Trump, with impeachment.
It’s not working, but old Joe says it’s an “advantage” he has that Hillary Clinton didn’t have in 2016.
“Well people say that only 48% of the people of America, it varies slightly, but…I think it’s between 48% and as high as 50% that want to see Trump impeached,” Biden said. “Well I wouldn’t call that a great start — he’s starting off with almost half the people in America — HILLARY DIDN’T HAVE THAT ADVANTAGE.”

And there you have it. Keep talking old Joe!
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