McConnell Signals Hunter Biden Could be Subpoenaed to Testify in Impeachment Trial (VIDEO)

Hunter Biden 
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday signaled that Hunter Biden may be subpoenaed to testify in the Trump impeachment trial.
McConnell also told reporters the impeachment trial is likely to begin next Tuesday.
NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt asked McConnell if he would back calling in Hunter Biden to testify.
McConnell left the door open to the possibility and responded, “I can’t imagine” there will only be people the Democrats want to hear from. 


The Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump after CIA official Eric Ciaramella filed a whistleblower complaint against Trump over a July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ciaramella was given second-hand information alleging Trump engaged in quid pro quo and pressured Zelensky to announce an investigation into the Biden crime family’s money laundering scheme in Ukraine in order for the US to release military aid.
Trump released the transcript which proved there was no pressure, no quid pro quo and the military aid was released to Ukraine three weeks early.
Zelensky never announced an investigation into the Bidens and he did nothing else in order to receive the US military aid.
Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani last month revealed a massive money laundering operation involving the Bidens and Burisma Holdings.
“All of a sudden Shokin gets this communique from Latvia that shows a $16 million laundering transaction — classic laundering transaction,” Giuliani said. “It goes from Ukraine, to Latvia, it’s disguised as a loan to another company to ‘Wirelogic’ I believe — it then goes to Cyprus, gets disguised as another loan — this is called “Digitech” then it’s dispersed as payment as board fees,” he added.
Giuliani added, “Now you don’t make two loans to make board fees unless you’re laundering the money. $3 million gets to Hunter Biden in that way.”
“That is a straight out violation of a money laundering statute,” he said.
Trump was impeached by the Democrats because he dared to do his Constitutional duty to ferret out corruption involving the Bidens.
Call in the Bidens and grill them under oath so the American public can see them for the criminals they are.
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