PROMISES KEPT: Trump Admin Reveals New Rule to Deter “Birth Tourism”

There are some 33,000 births in the US to foreign nationals each year.
Another 39,000 babies are born to foreign students, guest workers and other long-term temporary visa holders.
And, an additional 300,000 babies are born to illegal aliens each year in the United States. 
According to Axios — President Trump is going to focus on this crisis in the coming weeks.
And Democrats will no doubt fight him on this too.
The new rule was announced on Thursday.
It’s about time.
The Hill reported:
A rule issued by the State Department marks the administration’s first formal effort to cut down on the practice known as “birth tourism,” which President Trump has heavily criticized and suggested should be a reason for ending birthright citizenship.
“This rule establishes that travel to the United States with the primary purpose of obtaining U.S. citizenship for a child by giving birth in the United States is an impermissible basis for the issuance of a B nonimmigrant visa,” the statute reads.
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