Report Says That Drag Queen Story Hour Now Coming to Public School

Now firmly established in many public libraries across the nation, drag queen story hour is branching out to new territory: public school.
On Monday, New York Post Op-Ed editor Sohrab Ahmari posted a screenshot of an apparent notification to parents of children at Brooklyn’s Public School 118.
“In an effort to continue to strengthen and enhance inclusiveness and diversity in our school, the first grade will be taking part in a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour!'” the notification read.
Apparently, this is not the first time a drag queen has visited the school to read to young children.
The upcoming drag queen visit, slated for Feb. 24, will only be the latest in a series of drag queen interactions that has seemingly taken place over “years.”
“She will read to the students,” the post continued, referring to the male performer, “all while teaching into ideas of inclusiveness, gender fluidity and gender roles, family structures, acceptance, empathy, and individuality.”
For vulnerable kids, this is especially heinous.
For example, a young child from a broken home will likely have little grasp of the realities of functioning families by the first grade.
Unfortunately for any kids like this, they won’t have professional help, but a full-grown man in women’s clothing coming to teach them about “family structures.”
And parents will have to pay for the privilege.
The school is offering this in-house “field trip” for the low price of $6. After all, drag queens are adult entertainment workers who don’t perform for free.
Read the entire message below.
Remember when I predicted that Drag Queen Story Hour wouldn’t stay confined to public libraries. Well, here it is: It’s coming to Primary School 118 in Brooklyn — to teach *first-graders* about “gender fluidity.”
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The increasing normalization of drag queens and their encroachment into the American family is only ramping up in recent years.
Even the upcoming Super Bowl will have progressive overtones as a drag queen commercial is set to air in millions of homes across the country.
Parents who can’t afford private school and those without the resources to homeschool their children are often left only with public school as the only viable option to give their kids an education.

Unfortunately, these same parents may soon be fighting a battle against progressive culture that yearns to indoctrinate children at the earliest possible time.
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