Ted Malloch: Trump Goes to the Mountain and Delivers the Commandments

Like Moses before him, a triumphant US President, Donald J. Trump went to the Davos World Economic Forum, high in the Alpine Swiss mountains, and delivered an epoch speech today.
In spite of the circus going on in Washington, DC and the hoax of a stunt to try and impeach him and nullify his status, Trump spoke truth to power.
He gave an American Greatness litany of achievements to the world assembled below him, including many of the world’s largest companies and some sixty heads of state and their minions, as well as the skeptical gathered international media.
The major highlights can be grouped around three themes—all very Trumpian.
Economic power is a matter of nations, not bureaucrats, globalists or multilateral organizations was the starting salvo. His commandments praised capitalism and entrepreneurs and rebuked socialists—particularly European ones, right to their faces.
He called for ‘Greatness’ in all countries, not America alone, while making it very clear that America—his country—is back. It is no longer in managed decline. He heaped on statistic after statistic to make his case convincing. The beneficiaries he reminded all listening, are workers and the middle class; all citizens. Economic growth lifts all boats. His was an inclusive capitalism rooted in freedom.

The President then said, The US is now “a roaring geyser of economic opportunity.” Copy that.
If you want to succeed, do what we are doing — cut taxes, trade fairly, and deconstruct your administrative state. He was most proud that America had deregulated massively, cutting regulations, not twofold but eightfold.
The core part of his message assailed the environmental alarmists and the economic pessimists, both head-on.
In a defiant mode, the President rejected the modern-day prophets of doom and their misinformed predictions of apocalypse. He basically wagged his finger back at Greta, the child who was also in Davos daring the end of the modern world. For Trump, technology is and will solve our ills and the spirit of “can do” beats the empty misguided cries form the radical Left.
The inner spirit of Trump’s message was very spiritual. Dwelling on the great cathedrals of Europe and the process of the Renaissance, Trump beckoned the world and its leaders to step up to the current challenge and to have faith.
His was nearly a religious script; it made you think humanity will not only survive but thrive. It gave awe and wonder a new voice and it contradicted most of everything else that was being said at Davos—attacking America, demeaning capitalism, limiting technology and shrinking the human spirit.
Trump was figuratively Moses on the modern-day Sinai. It is truly Trump’s World. 
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