What is Wrong with Old Joe? Biden Claims ‘Vladimir Putin Has Spent a Lot of Money on Online Bots to Spread Lies About Me’ (VIDEO)

What is wrong with old Joe Biden? 
77-year-old Joe Biden on Thursday kicked off his first campaign stop of 2020 in Iowa.
Without providing any evidence whatsoever, Biden claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ‘spent a lot of money on bots’ to spread lies about him online — and the liberal dolts in the crowd believed him.
“I’ve learned a lot of things in the last few weeks…one was that Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president – he spent an awful lot of money on so-called bots on the internet trying to tell lies about me,” Biden said.
So Vladimir Putin personally bought Facebook ads and paid for Twitter trolls to lie about Biden?
Biden is either senile and losing his mind with this claim or he’s lying.

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