Alan Dershowitz: When Trump Is Acquitted He Will No Longer Be Impeached – The Impeachment Disappears (VIDEO)

Former Harvard Law Professor and noted author Alan Dershowitz had more bad news for Democrats on Friday night. 
When President Trump is acquitted next week he will no longer be impeached.  It will be over.  It will be removed from his record.
Sorry, Nancy.
The charade is over.
Alan Dershowitz:  Nancy Pelosi has pulled a real sharp one.  She’s said even if he’s acquitted and vindicated he’s still impeached.  That should not be how it is.  Why?  He did not have a fair trial.  He was indicted.  And what happens if a person is acquitted after indictment?   The indictment disappears…   And when you deny someone due process saying, “Well we’re only indicting him.”   You can’t come back and say, “But he’s still indicted!”  If he wins this I think no one should regard him as having been impeached anymore than you would regard someone who’s indicted as still being indicted if he won a unanimous twelve person jury.
Via Hannity:
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