Bloomberg Trolls Trump With Billboard Taunts Near Rallies in Phoenix and Las Vegas

The campaign of Democrat presidential candidate former NY City Mayor and billionaire businessman Mike Bloomberg rented billboards with rotating trolling messages taunting President Donald Trump near rally locations in Phoenix and Las Vegas this week.
Rather than policy, the billboard messages mostly focus on personal attacks on Trump, such as “Trump eats burnt steak. Mike Bloomberg likes his medium rare.”
The set of messages released by the Bloomberg campaign: “Donald Trump lost the popular vote. Mike Bloomberg won the popular vote in three consecutive elections.” “Donald Trump went broke running a casino.” Donald Trump cheats at golf. Mike Bloomberg doesn’t.”
The Trump camp should post one with “Mini Mike plays miniature golf“.
“Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy 6 times.” “Donald Trump eats burnt steak. Mike Bloomberg likes his medium rare.”

Las Vegas:
The best that can be said is that Bloomberg is finally getting earned media for a small campaign expenditure. But the effort by Bloomberg to be edgy and Trumpy is neither. Bloomberg has failed to learn the hard lesson that Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush learned in the 2016 campaign: You can’t beat Trump by trying to out-Trump Trump. You just make yourself look foolish and churlish.
Two can play:
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