Climate Change Cult Leader Elizabeth Warren Tries to Hide Behind Staffer After Getting Caught Exiting Private Plane (VIDEO)

2020 Democrat hopeful and carbon emissions hawk Elizabeth Warren tried to hide from the cameras after she got caught exiting a private plane this week.
Warren tried to hide behind one of her staffers after she realized the cameras were rolling and caught her exiting a (gasp) private plane.
The fake Indian, who constantly rails against income inequality and engages in class warfare, quickly walked out of site of reporters and didn’t answer any questions.
Climate change cult leader Elizabeth Warren warned people in September that we only have 11 years left to cut emissions in half or the world will end.
“We’ve got, what? 11 years Maybe…to cut our emissions in half,” Warren said during a CNN climate change town hall in September.
Elizabeth Warren is your typical hypocritical leftist: rules for thee, but not for me.
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