Three Hopeful Treatments for Coronavirus – One Treatment Using Anti-Viral Drug Remdesivir Shows Results within Hours! (VIDEO)

The first person in the US to catch the coronavirus was successfully treated in Washington state and returned home late last week. 
Dr. George Diaz, a section chief for infectious diseases at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett joined Arthel Neville on FOX News on Sunday morning to discuss the successful treatment of the center’s coronavirus patient.  Dr. Diaz told FOX News
“About a week into his course he got worse developed pneumonia. At that point given the reports we had gotten out of China… At that point we elected to give him… the experimental Remdesivir, antiviral medication. And within 24 hours he improved significantly. This was quite encouraging and he improved and thereafter remained without fever and felt much better. Over the next few days he improved to where we thought he could be discharged at home under the care of the local health district.”
Dr. Diaz then added that authorities in China and have recently opened a large clinical trial of Chinese patients looking at those with severe disease as well as those with mild to moderate disease.
On Monday Dr. Siegel confirmed that the Remdesivir treatment shows tremendous promise and the results were noticed within hours. Dr. Siegel also mentioned two other treatments that are showing promise. In Thailand they are showing an HIV drug with a flu drug and that is showing promise. And a third treatment is the use of antibodies to target the virus.
The Washington state treatment with the Anti-viral Drug Remdesivir shows particular promise.
This is very good news for China and the global community.

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