Elizabeth Warren Is In Danger Of Losing The Primary In Her Home State Of Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is in serious trouble.
She is in danger of losing the primary in Massachusetts. Can you even imaging how embarrassing that would be for her?
She is currently polling in second place to Bernie.
WBUR reports:
WBUR Poll: Sanders Opens Substantial Lead In Mass., Challenging Warren On Her Home Turf
With Super Tuesday just days away, a new WBUR poll finds Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders well ahead of Sen. Elizabeth Warren in her home state of Massachusetts.
The poll shows Sanders is the choice of 25% of likely Democratic primary voters, while Warren is in second place with 17%. The former mayors, Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg, are in a virtual tie for third at 14% and 13%, respectively. Former Vice President Joe Biden rounds out the top five at 9%.
The new poll is evidence of a big challenge for the Warren campaign, following disappointing results in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. It appears that now the senator faces a tough fight at home…
According to the poll, Sanders’ strength is propelled by younger Democratic voters: almost half of those under the age of 45 say they support the Vermont senator. Warren does well with highly educated voters and women — but overall, she trails Sanders by eight points.
Bernie is even holding rallies in the state:

How does Warren stay in this race if she loses Massachusetts?
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