FRANKEL: Why Society Is Immature And Refuses To Grow Up

Last week, the Washington Post reported that the iconic toy company, Lego, is now focusing on the new demographic of “stressed-out adults.” According to the report, the 87-year-old company “increasingly bills its brightly colored bricks as a way to drown out the noise of the day and perhaps achieve a measure of mindfulness.” Presumably zeroing in on childhood nostalgia, the product line includes the Batman Batmobile, the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame, and a set from the 1990s’ sitcom “Friends.”
According to Lego audience marketing strategist Genevieve Capa Cruz:
“Adults with high-pressured jobs are telling us they’re using Lego to disconnect from the mania of the day. They’re looking for a relaxing, calming experience — and they like instructions because that’s what helps them be in the zone.”
While it seems like harmless fun, this effort by Lego is just the latest contributor to the trend of mass infantilization of American adults.
This drift toward mass infantilization is nothing new. We hear stories from college campuses so often that it barely registers in the minds of most people anymore, considering the ever-so-common safe spaces in reaction to certain speakers and protests in reaction to microagressions. Adults throughout the country, displaying an enormous sense of entitlement and narcissism usually found in children, desire the government to take from others and give to them through mass socialism. It’s the foundation for why many people walk around miserable, thinking they are being oppressed by imaginary racism, sexism, bigotry, and various other phobias and “isms.”
What is the reason this is happening? Why is society becoming increasingly immature?
The reason is that humans have a base desire to be taken care of, rather than having to work to reap the fruits of their labor, even if that means losing their liberty. Hence, humans, consciously or not, fight the obligation to grow.
And an immature person will generally believe that whatever they want is rightfully theirs, and will do anything to achieve what they believe they deserve.
Any parent will tell you that this is how their children behave, and through children’s maturation and parents’ proper discipline, kids learn that a knee-jerk sense of entitlement is not the way to live in a civil society.
Constant, default narcissism is the way of a child at birth. A newborn has no compunction about waking up his or her parents, no matter what time of night it is. As a child grows, he or she is taught how to interact with the world, and arguably most importantly, how to put their needs or desires aside if necessary. However, if children are not taught this, they remain children for life in every way other than chronological age.
This is how we end up with Leftists being perpetually miserable and triggered. It’s the foundation for why they believe that anyone who disagrees with them is “dumb” (just ask CNN’s Don Lemon) or a hateful racist. It’s why they never accept the results of elections they lose, most notably President Trump’s election in 2016, but other examples include President Bush’s 2000 election (“selected, not elected”) and the election of Georgia Governor Kemp in 2018 (ask Stacey Abrams if she’s the rightful governor).
And it’s how we reached the point where adults are playing with children’s toys. Because, in reality, they never really grew up at all.
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