Joe Biden Channels Hillary Clinton, Musters Fake Accent When Speaking at Nevada Black Legislative Caucus (VIDEO)

5th place Joe Biden is in Nevada fighting for his political life after taking a punch to the gut in Iowa and receiving zero delegates in New Hampshire.
Biden abruptly left New Hampshire last week and headed to South Carolina to pander to the black community.
Now he’s in Nevada pandering to the black legislative caucus.
Biden channeled Hillary Clinton on Monday and mustered a fake accent while speaking to an audience of blacks.
“You must be getting tirrrred. You must be tired by now,” Biden said.
Biden defended his two losses and reassured his supporters that he’s just getting started.
A few days ago, Biden’s campaign released an ad literally channeling Hillary Clinton in an effort to pander to the blacks in South Carolina.
“We don’t feel no ways tired, we’ve come too far,” Biden said.
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