Lindsey Graham Explains How Republicans Gladly Agreed to Hold Acquittal Vote After SOTU Address and Screw Trump (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham joined Maria Bartiromo this weekend on Sunday Morning Futures.
During their discussion Maria Bartiromo asked Lindsey Graham explained why the Republican Senate agreed to hold the final acquittal vote on Wednesday.
Maria Bartiromo: Why will the vote to acquit the president be on Wednesday? Why not tomorrow?
Senator Lindsey Graham: Well the Democrats have the ability to drag out the trial. There was an agreement reached to do it Wednesday at 4 to allow some Democratic candidates to go to Iowa. I think that had a lot to do with it. But we’re going to turn the page on impeachment at 4 o-clock on Wednesday.
Once again the GOP let down President Trump.
They could not let him have his VICTORY SPEECH at the State of the Union Address.
How awful.
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