‘More than Fishy’ – Georgia Pro-Life Group Announces $3 Million Ad Spend on Sen. Kelly Loeffler over Pro-Life Doug Collins

The Georgia Life Alliance, a pro-life organization, announced this week it would spend at least $3 million on an ad blitz for appointed US Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Pro-life Republicans have doubts about Senator Loeffler because of her leadership at Grady Memorial Hospital and her connections to the WNBA.
Loeffler is running against Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) in the primary for US Senator from Georgia.
Doug Collins is pro-life and a grassroots favorite.
This week the Georgia Life Alliance announced it would spend at least $3 million in ads supporting Kelly Loeffler.
Doug Collins says this is “more than fishy.
The AJC reported:
When the Georgia Life Alliance needed an emcee for its annual gala in October, the conservative anti-abortion group turned to one of its favorite politicians: U.S. Rep. Doug Collins.
A few weeks later, though, the alliance stunned the Republican congressman when it announced it would spend at least $3 million on an ad blitz to back U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler, the Republican incumbent whom Collins is challenging in November.
In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Collins questioned how a group that struggled to raise significant cash unveiled an expensive initiative to support Loeffler, a wealthy executive who is financing her own campaign.
“What I think is happening is they got a large infusion of cash from Kelly. They’ve hardly raised $50,000 and then they suddenly announce a $3 million ad buy?” he asked. “It’s more than fishy. They can deny it all they want. I guess they thought I’d be quiet and not say anything about it.”
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