Watch the Exact Moment Climate-Obsessed Warren Realizes She’s Been Caught Exiting Private Jet

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be campaigning for the White House on a platform that includes environmental justice, but all it takes to undo that carefully crafted image is one look at her travel habits.
Judging by how Warren responds to cameras capturing her environmentally destructive ways, it appears as though she’s completely aware of this fact.
Warren, fresh from a third-place showing in the Iowa Democratic Caucus, appeared to hide after she noticed a camera filming her disembarking a private jet in a Tuesday video.
After spying the camera, the Massachusetts senator quickly ducked behind an aide, avoiding the camera lens for the rest of the long walk off the tarmac.
Watch the video below to see Warren’s reaction.

The best part of this video is that after Elizabeth Warren realizes she's been caught on camera exiting a private jet.

She attempts to hide behind her staffer. As if that would work. 🤣🤣🤣

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This video completely destroys Warren’s climate-conscious image.
The presidential candidate is so eager to gobble up the environmental-justice vote that she actually proposed a ban on new buildings that are not carbon-neutral.
There’s nothing that screams “2020 elitist” more than a presidential candidate threatening the construction industry because of climate change, yet refusing to take a bus to save the planet.
It looks like Warren knows this, too.
Of course, this isn’t Warren’s first brush with environmental hypocrisy.
Despite being a vocal opponent of gas and energy companies, the Massachusetts senator was found to be receiving royalties from one of the largest natural-gas producers in the world.
Anyone with a bit of knowledge about Warren surely realizes these hypocritical positions and half-truths are a staple of the presidential hopeful.
After all, wasn’t it Warren who went through most of her adult life attempting to convince people (and employers) that she was a Native American?
We shouldn’t be shocked by Warren’s use of a private jet.
Presidential candidates need to be in many places in a short span of time, something that is exceedingly difficult with land transportation alone.
However, Warren’s embarrassing attempt to hide behind one of her own aides shows that not only is she still trying to pull the wool over Americans’ eyes, she actually believes she’s succeeding at it.
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