WATCH: NRA Torches Bloomberg After He Runs Misleading Super Bowl Ad

The National Rifle Association (NRA) fired back at Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg on Sunday after Bloomberg aired a wildly misleading ad during the Super Bowl attacking the Second Amendment.
The NRA’s ad came in response to a misleading $10 million ad that Bloomberg ran during the Super Bowl that made wildly falsely claims about the number of children killed by firearms every year.
The digital advertisement features the following quotes:
  • A man named Rehn: “Mike Bloomberg suggests that disarming minority males like myself will keep us alive. But I have news for you: Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved one. And Mike, as an African American male that you want to disarm, I promise you will never take away my Second Amendment. I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg.”
  • A woman named Ashley: “As the mother of a three-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me. As a woman, I believe that the best way to protect my family is with a firearm. And Michael Bloomberg will never take that right away from me. I’m the gun lobby and I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg. Mike, come and take it.”
  • A woman named Mikaela: “It’s very important to me to keep my home secure and that is why there is a gun on the left side of my bed and the right side. Mr. Bloomberg, your home is protected by armed guards at all times. Why can’t I exercise my Second Amendment rights to protect mine? I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg.”
  • A woman named Olivia: “As a woman, it’s important that I’m able to defend myself. As a mother, I would like to pass that on to my daughter so that she knows she never has to be defenseless. Mike Bloomberg, think about the women in your life, are you okay with the fact that your policies could leave them defenseless? Michael Bloomberg will never take that right away my right to defend myself. I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg.”
  • A man named Deon: “I’m a proud father and if anyone messes with my daughter, they gonna learn today. Mike thinks it’s stupid for us to own guns in our own home. Mike, what part of shall not be infringed don’t you understand? Michael Bloomberg will never take away my right to defend my family. I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg.”
  • A man named Joe: “As a former SWAT officer, I have been in many scary situations before. But Mike Bloomberg, I’m not afraid.”
NRA members don't like hypocritical NYC billionaires. You want to know how real Americans feel, Bloomberg? Watch this!

Your $10M ad won't beat the American spirit. You want to take our guns, go ahead and try. We will fight for our freedom.
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Fox News’ Gregg Re reported on Saturday that Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad was wildly inaccurate:
However, a recent report from the Bloomberg-founded group Everytown for Gun Safety came up with that same number – but only when it included teenagers ages 18 and 19 in the calculation. Bloomberg’s advertisement makes no mention of older teenagers and suggests that the statistic is referring to younger children only. Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski found that once adults were removed from the calculation, the number dropped by nearly half.
Additionally, court documents from a Texas state appellate court reviewed by Fox News show that the victim referenced in the advertisement, George Kemp, was 20 years old at the time of his death. 
Everytown used a five year average of gun deaths between 0-19 years of age in the CDC's Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS) to come up with 2,887 gun deaths per year among that age group.
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When you look at the same data but remove the adults you get 1,499 gun deaths per year among children between 2013 and 2017. That's about 51% of the number shown in Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad. 
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Reason Magazine reported: “According to to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, notes, the average number of firearm-related deaths involving Americans 17 or younger from 2013 through 2017 (the period used by Everytown for Gun Safety) was about 1,500, roughly half the number cited by Bloomberg. Furthermore, nearly two-fifths of those deaths were suicides, meaning the number of minors killed each year by ‘gun violence,’ as that term is usually understood, is about 73 percent smaller than the figure cited in Bloomberg’s ad.”
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