Awkward: Biden Tells Jimmy Kimmel He Wears His Phillies Cap as a "Way to be Able to Sleep with My Wife" (VIDEO)

This was awkward. 
The gaffe machine did it again.
Joe Biden virtually spoke to late night host and ‘comedian’ Jimmy Kimmel and the conversation quickly turned sideways as the former VP tried to make a joke about his Phillies hat.
Shortly after Kimmel’s intro Biden pointed out his baseball cap. 
What’s that hat you’ve got on?” asked Biden.
“It’s the New York Mets. It’s supposed to be opening day,” Kimmel said.
Biden pulled out his red Philadelphia Phillies cap and said, “Opening day!”
“Wow. You know what? This is not the way to win voters, Mr. Vice President,” Kimmel said jokingly.
“I tell you what, but it’s a way to be able to sleep with my wife,” Biden said with a creepy alligator smile. “She’s a Philly girl. If I weren’t for the Phillies, I’d be out of luck, man.”
Even better, Biden got trolled by Trump supporters for donning a red hat.
Trump supporters photoshopped Biden’s red Phillies hat to say “Make America Great Again.” 
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