California Residents Calling 911 to Report Coughing Neighbors

The fraudstream media has caused mass hysteria over the Coronavirus. 
On Monday it was reported that Oregon police were begging people to stop calling 911 if they run out of toilet paper.
USA Today reported that California residents are dialing 911 to report coughing neighbors.

Neighbors calling 911 to report hearing loud coughing next door? It’s happening.
As the number of those with the coronavirus grows locally — Riverside County announced its 15th case on Monday and San Bernardino County confirmed its first case on Sunday — some Coachella Valley police departments say they’ve started fielding 911 reports from concerned callers convinced a neighbor’s overly loud sneeze or hacking cough is proof the person has the virus.
Palm Springs police estimate dispatchers had about five of these calls last week, Sgt. Mike Casavan said.

This is totally un-American.
Americans look out for their neighbors and take care of the elderly, but this mass hysteria is causing Americans to fight over crumbs and toilet paper.
Several counties in the Bay Area are on near total lockdown only allowing residents to leave their homes to buy groceries or for health care needs.
New York is expected to be on lockdown next and people are losing their minds.
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